JustFab order, printed skinny jeans

So here’s the skinny, I had originally called JustFab to cancel my account with them since it has been so long since I’ve even ordered or looked at their website. I found their purse to be of cheap quality that I originally ordered and the person I gave it to, said it’s starting to fall apart already and it was only bought several months ago. A purse shouldn’t fall apart that quickly! To persuade me to stay with them the rep offered me points to have a credit instantly put into my account that would allow me to pick an item for free that is priced at the normal $39.95 VIP price, (I was told I am a VIP member). I don’t want another purse that will fall apart when I have a ton of name brand purses that will last me a while. So I looked into their new clothing items and jeans. I was worried I wouldn’t find anything I liked, but lucky me I fell in love with these printed skinny jeans!

It’s called Mediterranean Mosaic, and I love these jeans! In fact, they arrived FedEx a day early so I tried them on for a photo for you guys!

I ordered size 26, since I own a pair of size 27 jeans my husband bought me that fit slightly loose and these fit perfect. They have just the right amount of stretch and the print is adorable. My husband loved the print so much he couldn’t stop staring at it and said it was entrancing lol. So I must say I am impressed with their new clothing items they’ve added. They have a couple dress options but those were mostly sold out. Overall, they’re doing much better now so I will keep my membership and keep skipping months until I feel like I need something. Thanks so much for reading and Happy 4th of July!!


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