4th of July Julep star inspired mani!

I received an email from Julep and loved this photo of a STAR and 4th of July manicure that I had to try and replicate it. As you probably have realized already, I am a huge fanatic of stars and this was my first attempt at painting them or any type of design with a design nail polish type brush. This was the photo of the Julep manicure in my email.

Aaaand here is my mani!


To do this, I started picking my polishes, because I have a bad habit of smudging and grabbing bottles as I need them lol. I used this ridge filling base and top coat.

The following Julep nail colors and white design polish on the left from Walmart.

To create my mani.

First paint on a good ridge filling base coat, and let dry. Next Paint the pinky and index fingers Glenn a shimmer red. I only needed one coat. Paint the ring fingers and thumbs Michelle, apply two coats. Lastly, paint the middle fingers Kate with two coats. Wait till they are dry to touch, then apply one coat of Camille to the middle fingers for a sheer sparkle. Now, using the White Out Salon Perfect polish design brush, paint and fill in stars of different sizes onto the ring and thumb nails. Also paint mini stars painting a + shape and adding the “sparkle” into the corners. If you look at the picture it makes it easier to follow on this part! Next draw outlines of stars, as if doodling them on paper, onto the pointer finger nails. Last if you have a heart decal or rhinestone apply one onto the pinky or paint a heart on. I was tired of painting for so long so I cheated and grabbed a heart from one of my heart chunk nail polishes in blue to stick with the red, white, and blue theme! FInish with two top coats for a nice and shiny, patriotic manicure! Have a fun 4th of July!

Here is the finished look of both hands.




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