Whimseybox DIY Geo Cement Planter June 2013

Whimseybox is quickly becoming my favorite craft kit box subscription! This month’s theme is a DIY Geo Cement Planter or tea light holder. As always I was tracking it with my tracking number they emailed me, and was super excited to get the cute box! They include a website for further instructions, troubleshooting and inspiration but I’ve yet to visit the online instructions. Usually the insert suggestion is alright with me, and I personalize it in my own way from there!

Revealing the reusable collectible box with sticker label for organizing whatever you like!

I love that they truly do include everything you need, so you don’t have to wait to start your craft until you can go to the store like Craftistas kits. Here is the art print/craft suggestion and sticker label for the back of the keepsake box.



They include a pattern on the front and back so you have two choices, I chose this one. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the other pattern on the back, it was a larger patterned one. I didn’t realize there were two options until after I’d taken photos and cut the pattern out!


Like I mentioned before, they include everything. Here is a glance at all the included items!


Included are 3 rolls of washi tape (I love this stuff!!) in a mint-ish green, pink, and black geometric pattern, cement powder mix in a big ziplock bag, an air plant, a tea light candle, and the blue ribbon was wrapping it all up pretty.

Cement pictured below.


Here is my finished craft! I used a cleaned out Bath & Body small glass candle to press into the clay before it dried, and left it in for a strong base to place the candle or plant into. It’s hard to see it in the photo but it’s there! 🙂

How it looks with the tea light candle in it…

Here is how it looks with the air plant in it. It’s a neat concept, I guess it doesn’t need soil or anything hence the name air plant! My mom said they are known to live long, so even though it’s a tad ugly it’s still pretty cool so I placed the plant in it and when I want to light the candle I’ll swap em temporarily!


I hope you enjoyed this! Have a creative day!


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