Debuting box for Poppy Parcel June 2013

This was the debut box for Poppy Parcel the company who took the Love Club’s place, I will greatly miss the Love Club boxes! šŸ˜¦ This box costs more, supposedly for all the bigger items they plan on fitting into the box. I had pre-paid for my first back a few months back before they shipped their first box out for this month. They had been postponed longer than they’d hoped with getting up and going. Love Club subscribers were given the opportunity to sign up first, and on top of that were offered July free. Next set of news they released was that they decided to no longer be a monthly subscription but rather on a month to month, first come first serve basis with boxes. I am not a fan of having to stress over boxes selling out and running out before I have a chance to snag one so I decided to let this company go after I receive my first and free second box. I can’t remember how much I paid but it was either $20 or $25, and I couldn’t find any info on their site as to the price since their site is in the works and doesn’t have much info up yet other than photos of the ladies who started this company.

Let’s start opening the box now! The box had their cute Poppy Parcel logo sticker on top so I knew it was from them.


The inside flap..

Inside the envelope was a random coupon for Bonlook eyewear. I don’t need any sunglasses or eye wear so I tossed this.

An overview of the box and it’s cute pink crinkle paper, that I am placing into a ziplock for a future gift!


Suntegrity Natural moisturizing face sunscreen and primer, included two packet samples, as well as 20% off with code “Poppy”. They’re cruelty free and vegan which is nice to know.


Coffee mug print from Pen and Paint.

It’s made of sturdy paper and is actually nice, I’m thinking about framing it and putting it in my office. šŸ™‚ They included their card and promo code insert in the back.


I know these hair ties seem to be the craze and all but I have been getting so many from all my boxes that I don’t really need anymore. However, I do use them so I’ll save these for when mine get all ratty and need to be tossed. These are from HauteBands on Etsy. The colors are fun, but since they’re not matching pairs I’d wear them separately for a ponytail or something.


This item was my favorite of them all, especially with how much I love mint green. It’s a lovely “bubble necklace” that is long and has mint green in a bold way.

The necklace came in a brown paper pillow box, with no business card and on the inner flap it didn’t say who it’s from either, so I’m not sure where this necklace is from or who it was made by but I love it.

I thought with the higher price bracket and how they claim to be stuffing more into this box, that the debut box would be filled with a little more than it was. I paid a lot less for the Love Club boxes and felt I got high valued items from them. Hopefully the second box that is on them will be better, but after that I don’t think I’ll be continuing.


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