Lendperk Prize

I recently was informed that I’d been a winner and chosen to be a blogger winner from Lendperk. I entered through My Cotton Bunny on their Facebook page. To sum it up, I get a month of unlimited dress rentals, and it’s like Netflix (was how it was described to me), you can have one dress out at a time and once it’s received you order your next dress. A prepaid envelope is included for return shipment, so everything is easy. For some reason I have a weird mailman who didn’t pick up our envelope inside our mailbox so my husband dropped it off at the post office on base for me.

Lendperk is a dress rental company with a few different monthly plan options that include:

They’ve got it covered if you don’t always wear dresses too!

Plus Star Li, the CEO/Founder at Lendperk is very helpful and kind, as well as responsive with her emails. She has communicated things clearly with me and guided me through what I needed to do since I am completely new to renting clothing online or at all.

This is my first dress that I wore and have already sent back, since I wore it last weekend out with my husband. 😃 He liked it a lot! Here is the websites photo and description below.

Which you can see is practically similar in real life, it looks just as wonderful in person. It has a elastic waistband, pleated skirt for fun twirling action, and fun cutout shapes on the top part that are sheer. Below is the dress on, and some close ups of the dress!


Keep an eye out for future posts of my next dresses for the month’s rentals!


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