My Cotton Bunny duplicate Sweets Bundle

I was surprised with a duplicate My Cotton Bunny Sweets Bundle with the whole address mix up. They were kind enough to promptly fix it though. This post is going to be quick since most of everything was simply duplicates. I did receive a different color in hair clip gifts though!

The Sweets Bundle…

Certainly a nice surprise!

Loving the cute bangles, especially the mint and pink paired together.

This time I got pink and red claw hair clips with adorable gems!

Pink lemonade and peach honey sticks from Original Honey Stix.

Vanilla Bean and Double Dutch Chocolate Kerfluffle Marshmallows that my husband and I were both extremely excited about getting again!! Those first ones didn’t last one night lol.

Plus some 18 Ct. spare Tampax pearl tampons as spare which will be nice since the box came late my hubby had to run to the store for me hehe. So at least I can keep this spare box handy for emergencies!

Once again thank you My Cotton Bunny for your kind and helpful customer service! I can always count on a comforting box of fun goodies and quick responses from you! My husband and I love it.


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