Birchbox Wanderlust June 2013

This month’s Birchbox theme is Wanderlust, a travel friendly inspired box with items that are supposed to inspire us to take that getaway we’ve been dreaming of or thinking about. They also changed their logo and look of their box! My hubby brought in the mail for me since I had been tracking the tracking info and knew my box was waiting for me in the mail!

Revealing their new box inside with a nice and clean white “Birchbox” and diamond logo next to it.

I love the new glossy white interior look of the boxes! They’ve got a fun pattern hidden under the lid and on the inside of the box!

The insert for this month.


As well as everything from the top view!

I’m loving the mint green pillow box! It’s too bad they print Birchbox on it or I’d reuse it for a gift for someone, it’s a lovely shade. Tucked at the bottom of the box was a foldout of postcards for Paris, London, Barcelona, and New York! I’ve already written postcards on New York and Paris for loved ones as a fun way to let them know I’m thinking of them.


First up for the products samples is this decent sized jumbo sample of Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo, full size $24, part of Davines three step system.

It is “A gentle shampoo packed with moisturizing Indian fig extract and olive oil.” For dry and frizzy hair.

For this next fat lip sample, I was hoping to get the lip duo as is advertised in our box section online and somewhat deceiving, but I received one of the Lil’ Lip Duo’s from LAQA & Co. I received a sheer fuchsia which works out because it’s the shade I actually was hoping to try! I’m not a fan of hot pinks yet, it’s still to bright and reminds me of the 80’s lol. What’s neat about this travel sized fat lip pencil is that the bottom twists up to give you more lip product so you don’t ever have to worry about sharpening it!

I took a swatch and applied it on for fun! It’s a fun color and I’m in the process of testing out its staying power! It doesn’t claim to stay on long or anything but it’s nice to know. Full size $16 for 2.


Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, full size goes for $32.95. I’ve actually got a few sample containers of this from other box subscriptions. It is a wonderful scented cleanser with organic infused lemongrass and chamomile! It does exfoliate with the sugar but not as well as I’d like it to, and the foam factor is a little less than I’d hope as well but I love the scent and will still use this sample.


Inside the gorgeous mint green pillow box were a trio of products, two of them being the beauty extras to complement the Davines shampoo.


First of the three is a Birchbox + Color Club collaboration from the Wanderlust Collection, an exclusive neon pastel shade inspired by four of Birchbox’s favorite cities. I received a pastel neon mint green called London Calling. All 4 mini’s are available for $8, which I feel the whole collection should have been in the box. This was another deceiving description online and on the insert leading you to think I was getting the collection in the box, and isn’t too pricey for them to have done so. I was a little disappointed to have received yet another mint green from another box subscription but at least I love the color so I won’t run out any time soon!

Here’s a color swatch above, it’s a really pretty color and at least it is slightly different than the mint green I own. It’s got a bit more key lime in it.

Next in this trio is Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner sample packet, full size $27.50, and Davines Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion, full size, $40, sample packet. Both to go with the shampoo jumbo sample and complete the 3 step system so we can sample it all. I would’ve preferred the jumbo sample to have been of the conditioner since my long hair needs a lot more conditioner than shampoo and I won’t be able to try out the 3 step system fully for more than one try.

I really do feel like Birchbox skimped on this box and thought it would be better with the debut of their new box look and logo. I am hoping the next box will be a little better, I did enjoy the products that came in this so I can’t complain still. 🙂 The jumbo lip pencil will especially fun to play with on a date night or special event with the brightness of it.


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