IpsyMe Pacifica Wanderlust

IpsyMe, through Ipsy, has been having Facebook deals every now and then where they email you a hint at the brand and what special item will be hugely discounted. Then, when the time comes, they announce the code to type on their Facebook post and if you’re one of the first “set number” then you’ve claimed yours. The first one ran out within a minute or so and people were pretty upset, it was a eyeshadow palette with a huge amount of colors. This Pacifica Wanderlust deal, I believe, was the second deal.

Available at Pacifica at this link for $22, our deal was for $12.95 plus free shipping. Pacifica is a great brand and at this price I couldn’t turn it down! The travel bundle includes 1 ALIGHT Multi-Mineral BB CREAM .34 oz (travel size), a BB cream that adjusts to your skin tone.

1 full sized Color Quench Lip Tint in Sugared Fig.

2 Coconut Water Infused Mineral Eye Shadows Shades: Treasure and Mermaid Aqua.


The lip tint is particularly my favorite, it has just the right amount of creaminess to last on the lips without the need to reapply every few minutes and is a lovely sheer berry shade. Overall an amazing deal! Did any of you score this deal also? It was from last month in May but took me a while to get around to blogging about it, I apologize and appreciate your reading this! 🙂


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