Simple emerald shadow cat eye tutorial

This is another simple cat eye look using only eyeshadow in place of eye liner. I used a Yaby eyeshadow I received from Ipsy in So Vein. All you need is a flat edged eyeliner brush, an emerald green eyeshadow and mascara! Here’s a close up.

Using the eyeliner brush shape the shadow into a cat eye shape, also lining the bottom of the eyes. Apply two coats of mascara after curling your lashes, and you’re done! For better staying power use a eye primer on your eyelids and under the eyes to help keep the shadow in place longer.

To keep the make up simple, instead of applying foundation or BB Cream, use concealer under your eyes, sides of nose, forehead, and chin and simply finish with powder to keep the concealer in place! Add a little blush for a nice rosy glow, you can also apply some under your brow bones to help highlight your face and you’re ready to go! You’ll look like you spent way more time on your make up than you really did. 😉

Here is my finished look doing these steps.



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