1st Whimseybox!

I was pretty excited to receive my first Whimseybox! The first one should have been April but the warehouse is having shipping issues with that month’s box so they’re just being shipped out a lot later. It is $15/month, and I switched from Craftistas ($24) to this box because it costs almost half the price of Craftistas and has crafts that I will actually use. Whimseybox also has a really good customer service staff and has been communicating with me on the delay on my April box which makes me not mind being patient about it. So, on to opening May’s box! It also shipped a little later than normal, which is why I’m reviewing it now! 😃

I also really like that the box they ship you is a reusable box that comes with a sticker label for organizing your crafts!

The box is wrapped in a bow and has a collectible print with the contents and DIY project instructions on the other side.

The print, and sticker label to help keep things organized!

The back of the print, and instructions.

DIY Peppermint Lip Balm!!

It comes with 3 tins to put the lip balm in, a dropper tool, peppermint oil, castor oil, beeswax beads in a linen drawstring bag, and three mixing popsicle type sticks.
Here’s a better look at the beeswax beads, I thought they were pretty neat!

It’s pretty simple, but was a lot of fun to make. I never knew how easy it is to make my own lip balm! You simply melt the castor oil, beeswax beads, and peppermint oil together in a glass bowl over a heated pot of water, I used a Pyrex bowl so it could handle the heat. I also added in some 100% mango papaya shea butter and three times the recommended amount of peppermint oil. I like my lip balms extra minty like Burt’s Bees!
Here’s my finished result in the tin that was provided!

I also had extras, enough to fill three smaller containers I had for pouring samples into that fit perfectly!

My girl friend told me that the scent reminds her of one of LUSH’s lip balm and that you can also apply the balm straight to your lips from the tin if you don’t want to use your fingers when out to keep it sanitary! I love her idea!

This was a much better craft kit that I really enjoyed making and it was something I love, lip balms!! 🙂 I really like Whimseybox so far! Would love to hear if any of you are subscribed to them as well or other craft boxes you might get/recommend.

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