My Cotton Bunny May 2013

As usual I get my My Cotton Bunny box at the end of the month when I signed up so I received my May box at the beginning of June. I always love the adorable box! 😃 This one was half the size of the normal boxes.

This months theme was The Sweets Bundle! Yummy!

Starting off, of course, with my monthly box of tampons I chose.

A peek at the box.

The yummy treats part of the bundle is Gourmet Marshmallows by Kerfluffle Marshmallows! Vanilla bean and double Dutch chocolate were included in our bundle! Kerfluffles never contain preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors, or sulfites. These marshmallows were incredibly fluffy, soft and amazing in flavor. My husband was incredibly thrilled to try these and said I could write about how much he loved them lol. Husband approved and approved by me for sure! Loved the real vanilla bean bits throughout the vanilla marshmallows and amazing dutch chocolate flavor in the chocolate marshmallows!

The next treat included in the box is Honeystix by Nature’s Kick. The two flavors in this month’s bundle are pink lemonade and peach. Sounds delicious! I love honey sticks they remind me of my childhood when my parents would take my brother and I to the local farmers market and let us pick out the honey flavors we wanted for that weekend! 😃 Such fond memories.

The gift is hair accessories. The choices were either claw clips, hair clips, or hair pins. I wasn’t sure what the difference was between hair clips or hair pins so I’m totally okay with any of the three. We were also encouraged to respond on their Facebook page as to which we preferred. They’re usually pretty good at including our pick too! I received a pair of claw clips, one in a beach sand color and the second in pink/red which I LOVE!

My bonus gift items were these colorful bangles. They’re really pretty but I don’t wear bangles, I am saving these for a gift for a girl friend’s birthday coming up next week.

This was yet another amazing box. My original box was shipped to my old address on accident, it might have been a computer error since they have the correct shipping address on file. They were kind and promptly shipped me a new box out asap and it only came about a few days late, so it wasn’t too bad. Everything was pretty exciting!


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