Second May Eco-Emi box

In the whole moving process I received another May Eco-Emi box which was a nice surprise. So I wanted to share it’s contents with you since there were a few differences in shades like the nail polish! The insert first…



From Suncoat Girl, a water based nail polish for $7.99, I received a gorgeous gold shade. I couldn’t find the color name anywhere.


Pink Champagne Powder Eyeshadow, $9.00, in a decent sized container. From Lauren Brookes cosmetics.


Inside the clear pillow box was Herbal Armor Insect Repellent by All Terrain, Aquasport SPF 30 Sunscreen also by All Terrain, and Mongo Kiss Honey Vanilla chunky lip balm by Eco Lips, $1.99/.25 oz tube.

Seaweed Powder Bath with Hawaiian Kukui Oil in lavender scent, $3.89/2oz. From Seaweed Bath Co.


Pomegranate bars by Athena Bars, $22.688 for a 12 Ct. box. A yummy greek yogurt snack!


Vegan Natural mascara by Suncoat, in black 10ml $14.99.


Beauty Without Cruelty conditioner 2ox $2.99.


Another nice box! 😃


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