Bulu Box May 2013

I am pretty sure that my gift subscriptions were finished with already for my Bulu Box’s but I received another one. It might be because of the address mixup they sent me one as a courtesy? Not sure, but I decided to share it’s contents with you anyway šŸ˜ƒ

The fitness and products insert.




As well as a glance at it’s contents.

Starting with these NeoCell Beauty Bursts, Gourmet collagen soft chews in Super Fruit Punch. It came with two chews, and were actually flavorful and quite fruity. I enjoyed them.


Artisana Raw Superfood Berry Antioxidant nut butter that is also organic. The last sample I received of their nut butter I packed as a snack on a motorcycle cruise my husband took me on. I packed it inside a ziplock with some ritz crackers, and two of the cranberry dark chocolate oatmeal cookies I received in my Hammock Pack.

It held us over when we got hungry for a snack during the ride and was a nice healthy one too! I’m saving this for our next long ride! šŸ˜‰

Fit mixer amino acid supplement, I’m not a fan of supplements I don’t need or ones I’m not familiar with so we tossed this. It made us uneasy.


AllerDx fast acting allergy relief capsules, now these I will definitely use. I’ve mentioned my horrible allergies since moving out here. I normally have bad allergies as it is but have never experienced such miserable symptoms since moving to Nebraska.


Proma Fit n’ crisp snack, looks pretty tasty just like a Rice Krispy! I can’t wait to snack on this when I’m hungry and working in my office.


Not a bad box at all! Thank you so much for reading!


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