Hammock pack May 2013

Time for my Hammock Pack!

This month’s theme was Farmers Market. I was actually hoping to get some seeds to grow or something lol but we got a lot of snacks and food. Here are the inserts…


As well as a peek at the contents! Covered in all that crinkle paper.

First up is this Kale Krunch from alive & radiant foods, snack pack in quite cheezy flavor. I was actually disappointed in this. I make my own kale chips at home and never purchased these bags because at Whole Foods it’s almost $10 for one bag and I can make a whole batch of kale chips for way less! They weren’t able to capture that yummy light crunch when you make it at home, instead it was very stringy and chewy in a weird way that made me not want to eat it. Sooo I had one bite and haven’t touched it yet I’m afraid to get grossed out again lol and I normally LOVE kale chips. So I don’t really recommend these.

Veggie Crackers, dandelion detox. From Wild Mountain raw foods. I haven’t tried these but there are so many seeds in there that I’m not sure I’ll like it that much. So it’s in the pantry lol I’m not a fan of too many seeds.

Next is this cute shopping bag from Baggu, in a white and blue stripe design! I like it.

This Razzy Gabby and a side of jalapeno jam sounds wonderful but again it has a ton of seeds all up in it. More than you can just pick out because I already thought about that lol so it’s also sitting. This is from The Jam Stand.

Lark’s whole grain lady birds crisp 100% whole wheat oat cookies with cranberries and bittersweet chocolate. Now these babies sound pretty delicious, I like oatmeal cookies every now as well as cranberries, and who doesn’t love chocolate! Needles to say I’m saving these for snack time!

Overall it was an okay box, normally the Hammock Packs are much better but I’m sure next month will be better for me. 🙂


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