Spring Cleaning Cravebox, also beware of their customer service!

So everyone else probably got their spring cleaning cravebox a lot sooner than I did because of the address mix up again and I got a rude customer service agent Kelley, who not only was not willing to help me at all, but she wanted to charge me another $8 if I wanted my box! It was pretty upsetting to realize their customer service is crap, so I said screw it don’t charge me, I will simply not purchase another box from them at all and to please close my account with them. So what do you know, I magically get an email from a different male representative (I can’t find the email with his name), saying hey we’ll make an exception and go ahead and ship you a new one, we don’t want you closing your account with us. At this point their customer service has already left a sour taste in my mouth and in my mind I just want my box or to take the $8 loss and be done with them. I told him thank you, got my shipping confirmation and that’s that. So I’m here to review the box now! I am however, closing my account with them as well as email notifications because I don’t want to deal with customer service reps that are unreliable and inconsistent.

Having worked in customer service for over 7 years I am huge on receiving good CS! If I don’t, it’s enough to make me never come back. Anywho, thanks for listening, I just had to share that part to warn others in case they get Cravebox’s and end up with a mishap so you don’t get screwed! So here’s the picture of the insert.

Box contents.

Inside the envelope were coupons and one for a free spot stain remover which will be helpful since we do have a dog. Also on the envelope was a code to download a free country album from I believe JoDee Messina who I actually liked when growing up so I’ll download that on to my laptop when I have time.

Other inserts.

…And a peek at everything!


I was actually glad to see this Sprayway mini glass cleaner in the box since we do use this cleaner, it was recommended to me by the lady who tinted my Subaru so I use this only on our glass and mirrors. We also recently just bought a pack at Costco buuut that’s okay now I have a mini! I like it because it is ammonia and streak free which means nice shiny glass for when guests come over!


Woolite at home dry cleaner sample box. We’re saving this for a load of nice clothes lol. We usually only go over to friends though and it’s pretty kick back soo it might be a while before we try it.


This Disposer Care plus bleach foaming garbage disposer cleaner, includes 4 packets in lemon scent. I’ve actually noticed these in our last Walmart visit and wanted to give them a try but of course my hubby thought it was a waste of money so we didn’t get it. So nooow my patience gets me the opportunity to try it haha.


Also from Disposer Care are these Garbage disposer lemon scented beads that you toss in and fix the nasty smells that can come from the sink. In Monterey it got pretty nasty so I wish I had these to test out there lol.


Gain fireworks in wash scent booster. I’m pretty allergic to scents in the laundry so we’re really hesitant to try this.

I’ll probably give these to a friend.

That was it for the Cravebox. I wasn’t exactly wow’ed or anything. I thought it’d be more cleaning supplies or cleaning formulas than what was actually in the box. So this is my last Cravebox! Goodbye horrible customer service. Hope you enjoyed this and be careful if you shop with them!


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