Julep Hooray for May! Mystery box!

The Julep Hooray for May! Mystery box! was $24.99 with free shipping, as always, for being a maven. Promised to be including a minimum of $70 worth of nail polish and product. Luckily I got pure nail polishes, and a lot of them!

I opened my box patiently after dinner, since I’ve been letting my nails breathe with all the weather changes I’m still adjusting to with the move to another state. It’s gotten up to 90 degrees recently! On to the unwrapping though, it’s going to be pretty quick since I was able to bunch them into a few photos.

It came with a cute card.

Everything was also wrapped nicely.

The green tissue paper unveiled five nail colors!! 🙂 In Audrey (I own)< Emmanuelle, Vera, Korin (Boho Glam), and Kylie.

In the cute satin drawstring gift bag was Zelda, this lovely shimmer color!


I’m pretty excited that I received so many nail colors and colors that I would have paid WAY more for the amount I got. I like them all, the only one I’m neutral about is the brown but I’m sure I’ll find good use for it. I’d love to hear if anyone else purchased a mystery box and what was included in yours!


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