Upcycled candle holder

I had some candle holders that were a gift from a friend at our wedding that I didn’t want to toss out so I found another use for them and cleaned them up after unpacking them! They were just ordinary glass pillar candle holders that I added some spa style rocks to, along with seashells and faux flower petals from my Hammock Pack!
This is what they look like!

Remember the tea light battery candles I bought for the orb decor pieces my hubby bought me? Here’s a pic in case you didn’t catch that post!

They house a flameless tea light candle inside.

I used two extras to place in the middle so I won’t have to worry about anything burning down the house!

I also used glue dots to place the petal at the base of the glass, to keep it in place.

They now sit next to my orb decorations!


Last I had these cute pink and white polka dot cupcake holders lying around, so I placed one upside down under each holder! They are held onto the glass with a glue for at the center so the stem of the glass conceals it!


It’s a pretty simple but fun way to find use of other candle holders you may have and makes for cute decor! You can substitute with any type of glass rocks or other rocks, or even fill it with all seashells if you like depending on the theme of your decor. Have fun with it and I’d love to know if any of you re-use your candle holders too!


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