Goodies Co. Box April 2013

I somehow received an email inviting me to be a VIP subscriber and receive my first box from Goodies Co. powered by Walmart Labs and Walmart for free so of course I took them up on the opportunity. The price is normally $7/month which is pretty cheap if you don’t have several subscriptions like I do lol.


Starting with a $50 gift card to Naked Wines! I got myself 5 cabernet sauvignon’s and 1 shiraz and am very happy to finally have some wines in our house again! Cab’s being my favorite (in case you didn’t notice!).


Here’s an overview of the box, it was pretty big, much bigger than I expected which was nice.


All the items are available for purchase within the shop that is all linked through the main subscription page which is why I’m not linking to each product. First up is this Celsius raspberry acai green tea energy drink. I wasn’t liking how it had taurine and energy drink ingredients instead of sticking with the caffeine from the green tea so I have yet to drink this and am debating on tossing it out or not.


This apricot almond chai bar has been in a previous Cravebox before and taste horrible and I couldn’t even eat one bite soooo needless to say I did toss this and didn’t want to even let my husband suffer and try it lol.


Green Giant multigrain sweet potato chips with sea salt.

These were actually pretty delicious! They reminded me of a Sun Chips in texture, but with the sweet potato flavor and light saltiness of sea salt. It was a perfect combination for a healthy light snack for a movie or mid meal snack!

Angie’s classic sweet and salty small batch kettle popcorn, the perfect sized snack again for a movie!

My husband and I have been watching our Disney collection lately and I say this is going to be my movie snack tonight!

Olomomo chai bliss almonds, really are a little bliss filled snack. I just finished snacking on them and they are perfectly sweetened mildly with organic sugar, vanilla, cardamom and love. That’s what it really says!


Zone Perfect chocolate chip cookie dough bar.

I was hungry when I ate this, and can’t say it really tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough as advertised, which was kind of disappointing since it claims to. I am a huge fan of cookie dough too lol but it filled me up as these bars should and didn’t taste horrible, it was just lacking a bit in flavor in my opinion.

Overall I was pretty impressed with my box especially with the wines I got compliments of this box! I received my wines 2 days after ordering them which was also impressive, and have them set up on my wine stand in the kitchen already. 🙂 I have the next few months suspended on the account since I actually am signed up with Love With Food for gourmet snacks and food for $12/month and am waiting on my first box to see which box I like better and will take it from there. Plus for every box you receive, a meal is donated to a hungry child which is a nice cause to support.


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