Home Decor and Amazing burger night with friends

We’ve been working on our collection of decor for our home now that we need to furnish it, but at the same time we don’t want to have clutter building up. My husband and I shopped at Nebraska Furniture Mart and Hobby Lobby for a few items.

Including a new office chair from Nebraska Furniture Mart, and these lovely orbs that decorate the open frame between the living area and dining room.



Next from Hobby Lobby this weeks special was 50% off home decor, so my girl friend and I went shopping! I found these coasters and pretty much got one free with the sale, and love them!

They match perfectly with these acrylic goblets we got from Costco that are jewel toned!


Also loved this Coca Cola wooden sign (on the right) and went for a vintage diner look for our dining area with the Marilyn Monroe decor!


Next these window stickies were on clearance and I applied some in my office window and the rest on the front door window area.


The guest bathroom was pretty bare, so I decorated it with these reddish sticks, placed the rest of my spa rocks into a vase my hubby sent me flowers in and voila!

It matches our red and black theme for our house decor. I also added a Scentsy warmer of mine above the toilet and got this black fluffy towel from Target topped with a red towel that was gifted to me from a friend.


On to our date with some friends at Stella’s, a cute little diner with fresh made burgers that are served on napkins. Here is a photo of my burger, a bacon and blue cheeseburger (which was amazing!)

My hubby got the Thursday special, a cheeseburger on a donut from a local donut shoppe. He was kind enough to let me try a bite and it was as soft as a Krispy Kreme donut! Next time we’ll have to go for that again lol you get your dessert and lunch or dinner all in one!

I wish my husband got a photo of the fries, they were actually my favorite part. They are fried in soybean oil and were perfectly lightly crispy and amazing. They actually are my favorite fries even over In-N-Out and I am a huge fan of In-N-Out! So if you’re ever in Bellevue, Nebraska be sure to check them out.


4 thoughts on “Home Decor and Amazing burger night with friends

  1. I recently went through the same type of decorating in my what-seemed-empty apartment. So fun! Love the bright colors!

    • Thank you! Isn’t decorating so much fun? It can sometimes cost a lot too, that’s why I’m trying to reuse things I’ve had and was considering tossing out. 😃

      • It definitely can cost a lot so saving when you possible is smart! I did spend money on curtains though – I found they were the thing that made my apartment feel the most like a home!

      • So did we! lol we actually got a good sale price on some nice sheer red curtains for downstairs for our front door window and living room area windows it gave it a nice look. Bed, Bath & Beyond has some great sale prices!

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