Birchbox April 2013

I have been loving my Birchbox’s more and more with each box I receive and for $10 a box it really is a steal. These box subscriptions have actually been helping me not spend my money on new colors, products, etc., since I usually get them in my boxes and I just don’t have a desire to spend money on random stuff anymore. I love it, and my husband does too lol, plus I receive lots of fun surprise items in them!


Time to unwrap!


The list of products.


They included a one year subscription free to Women’s Health magazine, a $9.99 value which alone gives me my money back for the box this month. They have a cash value option to get a check instead but I’d rather get the magazines!


Starting with this lip product from Mirenesse that is a multi-tasking product to be used as a lip gloss, lip stain, or cheek stain. I am using it as a lip product only since I’m weary about cheek stains lol.


Strivectin-SD eye concentrate for wrinkles probably has chemicals in it, so I’m saving it till I decide if I’m going to use it or not.


Nexxus youth renewal for hair, I am all for hair repairing products! There’s so much static here that it makes my hair fluff up with all the dry weather so hopefully this will help.


Caudalie divine oil is a dry moisturizing oil that can be used on the body, hair and face.


The bonus was a trio sampler of some Mighty Leaf tea ranging from chamomile citrus that’s caffeine free, organic earl grey with light caffeine, and green tea tropical with caffeine. These teas are always amazing and tasty, plus I love that they are hand crafted and the whole leaf pouches they use.


Needless to say this was a great box, and the lip product is a lot of fun. It doesn’t quite stay on like a lip stain or as well as Benefit’s Benetint but is nice for a movie date night. I would recommend keeping it in your purse for touch ups though, I am not a fan of having to look at my make up once I’ve put it on so this might not get as much use as I’d like but we’ll see. Thanks for reading!


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