Eco-Emi Bonus box #3

Since this is a Eco-Emi bonus box and so many products are included I’m going to list the products briefly again. As usual I loved this bonus box! 🙂 I tried to organize the items into categories to make it easier to list.

Starting with the yummy snacks…

Ola vanilla almond granola and Willamette Valley Granola granola chips in vanilla bean.

Some wonderful soaps to add to my collection!

Indochine Natural star anise & coffee
Biggs & Featherbelle tequila bar for face & body
Metropolis Soap Co. orange, clove and cinnamon
Aubrey White Camellia hydrating bath bar.
I use these as hand soaps in my restroom since they’re smaller sized.

iChill sleep shots…

I actually use these when I have difficulty sleeping, I get insomnia quite a bit so this helps a lot. Adding these to my stash!

Some drink mix in packets.

Natural Vitality Energy. You drink it out of the packet, I don’t usually like energy drinks or caffeine since they make me nauseous and dizzy so I tossed this.
Natural Vitality Organic Life Vitamins. You also drink this out of the packet.
Amazing Grass, the amazing trio of barley grass, wheat grass, and alfalfa. I suppose I could give this another shot in a different drink…

Perfume samples that I usually don’t keep.

From Tallulah Jane

Body butter samples from Lisa Ann Skin Care and a deluxe sized hand cream from Burt’s Bees.


Lotion sample packets from 100% Pure, Cool Calm Collected from, Aubrey, and the Seaweed Bath Co.

Fun lip goodies!

Wine Country Organics pinot tinted lip balm. My #1 go to lip product for hydration and lip tint that looks naturally perfect!
Beeluxe chocolate lip balm.
Moody SIsters peppermint spice lip balm.
Naiad Soap Arts french vanilla lip balm in a cute tin.
Purely You lip gloss sample. It gets kind of messy applying a gloss sample with my finger so I don’t really use this and will probably end up tossing it out.

More planting seeds!!

Botanical Interests Lettuce Mesclun, Q’s special medley that I’ve already planted!

Spa mask.

7th Heaven Clean up mud mask.

Face product samples.

i sparkle eye cream.
Zen Society tea tree facial cleanser.
Fundamental Earth face scrub packets.
Bulldog original moisturizer for men.
Moody Sisters face scrub.
Sukiface exfoliating cleanser.

Crystal Essence pomegranate towelette and Rainwater Botanicals jasmine wind samples.

Deep Steep candy-mint foot stick.

Eco Mint dental products…I tossed these last time since I can only use Sensodyne.

Yogi stress relief and bedtime tea samples. I love this brand of tea, it tastes amazing on it’s own even without honey or sugar.
Eden organic hojicha chai green tea.
Mate Factor lemon ginger tea

Safonique lavender sea laundry detergent. This leaked like it did in previous Eco-Emi boxes and I’m usually allergic to most laundry detergents so I tossed it.

Burt’s Bees facial cleansing towelettes. These make my face rash so I tried using it as a lip make up remover wipe but it still had bad results. So I might toss these.

Eye and blush colors.

The All Natural Face olive you, a lovely olive shadow.
Aubrey silken earth honey bronze blush.
The All Natural Face vegan shadow in pink gold

Phew! That’s everything! Hope you enjoyed 🙂


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