Moody Sisters Dry/Normal Skin Combo Set

Today I wanted to review the dry and normal skin bundle set from the Moody Sisters. I have dry skin normally, but occasionally get acne so I’ll also be reviewing the norm/oily skin acne bundle tomorrow!

This is what the set looks like…

It comes with the hydrating cleanser, whipped face & body lotion, and hydrating sugar scrub. I mentioned in a previous post about trying the scrub from a Eco-Emi box and how they’ve updated their formula since. Well, this is their new formula and it’s a huge improvement!

I’ll get back to the scrub in a bit, but wanted to start with the cleanser. It is a creamy cleaner that doesn’t lather but I am used to these types of cleansers so it wasn’t awkward! It leaves a minty sensation after that’s quite refreshing. Also, it feels like there’s moisturizer on still but give it some time and it absorbs in your skin. Moisturizer is optional for me some days depending on how dry the weather is.

The whipped face and body lotion is very airy feeling when you dip your finger in and has a nice light scent to it. It is extremely moisturizing, sometimes it’s a little more than what I need so I’ll only use a little. A little bit really does go a long way with this one.

On to the hydrating sugar scrub! I love this jar of minty freshness that this scrub brings to my face. Like the face wash, it leaves a minty sensation and your face is incredibly rejuvenated. Also very moisturizing and on the days I use this scrub I usually don’t need to moisturize the face, other than around the nose (I get dry there during the dry weather for some reason!) the newer formula is creamier and easier to spread on to the face. I use my Clarisonic with the cleanser, then scrub the sugar scrub into my face with my hands after.

I also tried out the chocolate mocha lip balm (LOVE!) and a sample of the dry skin cream for eczema, which I have random patches of occasionally

I love the smell of coffee beans even though I’m not a big coffee drinker (I’m more of a tea lover!). This balm smells heavenly and is incredibly addicting, I carry my Moody Sisters lip balms with me everywhere. At first I thought they didn’t work on my dry lips but after consistently re-applying whenever needed for a whole day, by the middle of the day my lips felt soft again! So I am an addict and keep these lippies everywhere, my bathroom, nightstand, office desk at home, downstairs and one in my robe pocket lol. Hey, you never know when you’ll need it!

So far, I have 3 limited edition peppermint spice, 1 chocolate mocha, and 1 of the newest releases – coconut lime! It’s actually the product feature for today on the Moody Sisters blog, click here, to read! I call it my getaway in a tube. 😉 Have you tried any of them? I’d love other feedback on this or any Moody Sisters products you’ve tried!

The dry skin cream I like to use on the tops of my hands since they’ve been oober dry here in Nebraska now and my skin even gets cracked! It’s actually kind of painful, but this cream is so emollient and hydrating it really is a life saver.

Another cream I use that I can always count on to heal my hands within a day (if I apply whenever dry for the entire day) is Josie Maran’s Argan infinity cream. The size of a pea is all you need!

Hopefully these tips help for those of you with dry skin! Tomorrow will be for those with notmal to oily, and combination skin!


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