Transplanting chocolate mint, lettuce mesclun blend plant, & a new home for my bamboo plant!

I recently transplanted my mint to a slightly larger self watering pot.

Using organic soil & fertilizer.


Doesn’t it look happier? Excuse the mess, it was pouring outside so we had to transplant indoors! We used plenty of Clorox cleaning wipes afterwards lol.


I used the chocolate mint leaves and a whole cucumber sliced, to make some spa water!


I also planted Q’s lettuce mesclun blend in another…

Pictured in the pot next to the mint.

Found a cute owl teapot to use as a holder for my bamboo! It was sold on base for around $15 I think. I found out bamboo needs indirect sunlight, and room temperature filtered water. I trimmed the dying spots on the leaves which is why they’re shorter and it seems to be doing better now.

It now decorates our table near the front door!


Several days later and my lettuce mesclun plant has 4 sprouts!



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