Green Grab Bag April 2013

I received an email from Green Grab Bag stating that I’ve been a past subscriber and they’d like me back. So they offered me a free month with one month paid, so I paid for April and May will be free, then I can cancel if I choose, with code “IMBACK”.

I’ll get the inserts out of the way first as usual, starting with the product list insert.

Also an insert from ColoradoAromatics.

The box looks like a good amount of products.


RAZZ Tightening serum from ColoradoAromatics is supposed to work great as an all over face moisturizer but especially around the jaw line and eyes. I need something to help these bags under my eyes so I’ll give these a try starting tonight!

It is an oil free serum with mineral rich herbs. Sounds very good for my skin! Full size retails for $15.45.

Organic facial cream from Aimee’s Lotions ‘n’ Potions, offers a 20% off plus free shipping on orders over $100 with code ApricotA13 that expires 6/10/13.

I love that most of the ingredients are organic, and they sealed the container so it wasn’t a mess all inside my box! I’ve been getting a lot of that lately from other boxes. For a .7 oz jar-$13.95, 2 oz jar-$24.95.

Next is a lip balm (big surprise! Lip balms seem to be packed in almost every box subscription, but luckily I love lip balms and want to increase my natural and organic collection so I am okay with that!

The scent is a playful pink grapefruit from alex & co. bath & home. It smells deliciously fruity! Full size $4.

Inside this cute sheer white satin bag is an Orange-Coconut skin polish and spatula sample set from La Isha. According to their website they were featured on ABC news! That’s pretty exciting. It also claims to exfoliate sensitive and dry skin, which is perfect for me, having both skin concerns.

Full size $50.

I’m very fascinated by this Merlot 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil. It helps reduce scars, absorbs quickly, repairs cuticles, and can even be used as a massage oil!! Talk about a major multi-tasker.

Full size is $10-$15.

Last but not least is the preview they emailed me that I was anxious to try, The Gnarly Whale Thai Coconut Beach Waves spray.

Full size is $12. If it works great I just might have to buy this one, I’m a huge fan of adding healthy oils into my hair post-shower and letting the waves dry as is! Not only is it healthiest for my hair (I never use hair spray or styling tools other than a blowdryer when I have to) but it also looks great too!

I was actually very happy with this box, and look forward to what will be inside next months! I’d love to hear if you guys have any green, eco friendly or organic subscription boxes (that are also affordable) suggestions!


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