DIY Door Wreath Craft

Today I wanted to share a DIY hanging door wreath that a friend and I decided to craft together, we both made one for our homes! I got my supplies from a local Hobby Lobby shop that I discovered, and I must say, is SO much better than Michaels!! Their selection is huger, prices are better, and they have rotating weekly 50% off sales, plus an online coupon you can use once a day for 40% off any regular priced item! That is pretty insane and exciting at the same time! LOL I don’t remember ever seeing one in Cali, but hope I find one when I move back!

My husband was kind enough to cook us a delicious Middle Eastern-Spiced Beef, Tomatoes and Beans crockpot dish, and goodness he is becoming quite the cook! I’ll share a few other dishes he made for me in another blog as well as some beginner plants I’ve been growing in my kitchen. Here’s a little glance at him at work!


It was pretty amazing, thanks love!

This was my crafting station (the dinner table) LOL while my hubby cooked! Normally he’s doing stuff while I’m always cooking so this is a nice treat!


I started with a basic wicker style wreath, picking the shape I wanted out of what was available.

Next I picked out 2 fake flower bouquets I liked since I’ll need about 6 flowers total. Then cut them so the stem is long enough to intertwine it into the wicker. My friend did this with no leaves and had all 6 flowers in a row on the bottom left which was pretty but I chose to spread them out and insert the leaves where I thought looked good. To me it also seems a bit more natural looking with leaves than without. We both chose not to glue them in place so we could swap the flowers/colors out for different seasons if we feel like it!

Next I had this heart pillow decoration that I also added some personalization to for my wreath…

With almost all of my family (both sides) residing and being from Hawaii it’s just custom for us to not wear shoes and usually not want others to wear their shoes in our homes sooo I wrote “Aloha, please remove your shoes -Mahalo” and this is going on the bottom right of the wreath! I also used some glue dots and added on some seashells to help give it a beach look.

Hopefully people will get the hint, it drives me nuts when people walk all over our house with their shoes on when they see us wearing no shoes!

I used the spare flowers for a bouquet since I always say I have a black thumb and un-intentionally kill any plants I try to grow! Besides, this pretty vase my husband sent me flowers in, while we were apart for Valentines Day, is special and needed some flowers! I also had purchased a orange babies breath looking bunch.


For the center of the wreath is a large wooden “D” that my friend and I spray painted white. Then I added black polka dots to make it stand out.

This polka dots were leftover circle papers from the Craftistas paper chandelier kit, and I colored over them with black permanent marker and it actually looks like it came like that! I also tied a sheer white satin ribbon that I had in my office, and tied it around the top of the “D” and the wreath. Last step was to buy a metal white door wreath hanger because the clear plastic one broke after 5 minutes of hanging on the door! Hobby Lobby was super kind and exchanged it for us, I hate returns since I rarely ever do them, but my husband was kind enough to handle that part for me.

This was my finished result, on the door!



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