Craftistas April 2013 Chandelier kit

This month’s Craftistas kit was for a paper chandelier. It came with all the supplies including glue.

Instructions and a cute drawstring bag.

I like to save these size for wine gifts.

The metal rings to hold the chandelier together.


Ribbon, string and metal wire.


Pleeenty of circle paper in white and different shades of pink.

I decided to get started on this craft before it sits on my closet floor. Laying them out in order so I can glue the string onto them.

My finished chandelier!

I love it in the hallway. πŸ™‚ It was my husbands idea to put it there near the front door!

My honest review? It’s not the best craft when it comes to something I’d be proud to show off, it’s more a craft is expect a school to have for certain age children. I’d enjoy more quality adult crafts like jewelry or DIY totes, more stuff that I’d keep around a long time. Stuff like this, when we move, will probably get thrown out. It was fun to make though! I will stick it through and see what else is in store, they recently had subscribers take a survey on what we’d like to see more and our reviews. So, best believe I took that survey! I look forward to what’s in store.


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