28dayhug April 2013

I love my 28dayhug every month! It never fails to make me smile and fulfill my dark chocolate cravings!

This month’s extra was actually two samples this time! A Menstrual cramps relief lotion from Corganics and a set of Nature’s Gate night cream and eye cream.


What goodies are inside my hug?


First the cute card with a message. 😃




Qbelall natural dark chocolate wafer rolls…de-li-cious!!

Obviously this didn’t last long outside the box, it’s in my tummy as we speak. lol

Same goes for this Aura Cacia relaxing lavender aromatherapy shower tablet. An essential oil tablet for a spa experience, it really was fun!

It literally was the perfect amount for a full shower, it completely dissolved away right before I needed to turn the water off! Brilliant!

Oregon Chai sample packet for the original chai tea latte in a powder mix. I think I’ll try this today!


This was a spectacular hug for the month, it’s almost tempting to order an extra at just $5.98! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

Update- thanks to a fellow bloggers comment, I was reminded that 28dayhug is momentarily shutting down until further notice which is super sad for us subscribers! Can’t wait to see what changes will happen though!


2 thoughts on “28dayhug April 2013

  1. Oh I totally forgot about the tea. *goes to make some now* I’m going to miss this service. I hope they come back soon.

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