DIY brush holder

My brother sent me flowers for my birthday and I kept the vase because its’s too incredibly cute to toss out, plus why waste a reusable vase?? So I turned it into a make up brush holder, and purchased some zen-like rocks from Michaels. I don’t remember how much they were, I want to say a few bucks per bag. I purchased two bags so I could use 1 1/2 since the egg shape is fairly tall and wide.

This is what the vase looks like after filling it with rocks and the brushes.

I cleaned all the brushes with a gentle brush cleaner from Bare Minerals to start off with fresh clean ones!

Now this is all set to sit on my vanity stand in the master bedroom!

You could even decorate the vase or throw in a few fake rose petals for fun. 😃 Make it your own and be creative! I might glue gun on a seashell or two to go with my Hawaiian theme for the house. Enjoy!


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