Classic cat eyes & red lip look!

Today I did a simple yet classic look that is great no matter what you wear! It’s easy too! 😉 I’m a fan of cat eyes and wear them almost everyday, and who doesn’t like a red lip? If you do hate red lips maybe you haven’t found your red shade yet that’s for you. I used to dislike red lips until I found mine! For me, a blue based red looks best versus (ie.) orange reds.

First I scrubbed my lips with my Sara Happ brown sugar lip scrub and I love it! ❤ It’s the perfect consistency, not too grainy to the point where I feel I’m tearing into my lips, but just right.
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I used MAC’s lip liner in cherry, lipstick in Russian red, and for my lip primer Guerlain kiss kiss liplift. This primer is the only one I’ve found to keep my red lip color in place all day. Apply lip primer and then rub it in with a circular motion with your ring finger, also going slightly outside the lip line. Next line the lips and then fill in, then apply lipstick & blot, and repeat. The last steps help the color last longer.

For the eyes I used Urban Decay primer potion, Elite Paris waterproof eyeliner, and a smudge stick (mine is from elf cosmetics. For the lashes you can use a few coats of your favorite mascara to achieve the level of intensity you prefer. I used two coats of Josie Maran’s triple volume mascara. On the brows, Benecos‘ brow pencil in brown. Prime your eyes first, then line them into a cat eye shape, and line the bottom only to the middle of your eyes to keep them from looking too closed. Curl your lashes, and apply mascara of your choice. Lightly fill in your brows to help complete your look.

Next for the face I applied Boscia’s BB Cream and finished with Christopher Drummond‘s face powder in golden medium.

Blush I kept simple with my Tarte amazonian clay blush in flush! 😃 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun with your own classic fun look! Here’s the finished look!

With hair up for a different look!

Have fun!


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