New Moody Sisters blog

Hey everyone! I have some pretty exciting news! I was recently chosen to be the blog manager for the Moody Sisters, a wonderful line of organic skin care. For the blog link click here. I will be posting my first post starting Monday, April 15! Gah!!!! So exciting!!! 😍 I be hooted if you’d follow me on this journey, the blog is up and first post will be released Monday!

Here are their other links, for safe keeping, because they have high standards for their quality organic products. Shop here or their Etsy shop. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Be sure to check them out! I promise it’s worth it! ❤

They are a fun, family oriented business that hand makes all their products! On top of that, they try to release new products every 6 months (January & June), which is pretty amazing, in my opinion! Their logo is a cute kitten with boinker eyes lol one of those “you can’t help but love it” types!


Their mission statement: “Mission: Happy (Healthy) Skin for the Whole Family. Tiny Tots to Tiny Grandmas. Bringing skincare back to the basics, using only natural and organic ingredients handmade by two sisters from Cashmere, WA. Changing the way we take care of our skin and earth, one bottle at a time”

So far I’ve tried their sugar scrub, which I admit, I love using as a lip scrub even though its a face and body scrub!

I’ve also tried their limited edition peppermint spice lip balm. Both were included in previous Eco Emi boxes.


Thursdays will feature guest blogger Jessica aka Product Hoochie, I’ve re-blogged a few of her posts and follow her. Be sure to check out her blog at this link! She manages to keep you on your toes, give skin care, beauty tips, and honest reviews you can consistently count on!

Sundays will feature another wonderful guest. Sherry will be blogging about her popular “Sherry’s Home & Beauty Tips” and bringing her expertise to the table. She did so well on the Moody Sisters Facebook page that we’re bringing her over to the blog!

There are going to be lots of fun times coming up so be sure and stay tuned! I’ll be posting about topics of the day here, so you can check it out via links through my blog or subscribe to me via the new Moody Sisters blog. ❤ My blog will remain the same though!

On another note, it’s a tough day leaving my parents. We are super close and it’s like leaving home for the first time all over again lol. My husband helped pack the stuff I had with me while he was away, the rest is in storage and the movers bring it to Nebraska around the 10th. We move in the 1st, so it should be interesting haha. Today the road trip begins, and our first hotel stop should be Utah (according to the hubby’s plans). So wish us luck and I’ll try posting updates as we make progress. The weathers going to get colder as we get closer to Nebraska :/ so I hope you’re all in a warm place enjoying Spring!! Sigh, I’m gonna miss my other baby!


Update – with the move and unpacking everything the blog will begin hopefully mid-April but I will keep you guys posted on the date first! ❤


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