Julep Spring Mystery Box!

I thought I’d give the Julep Spring mystery box a try for $29.99 I believe was the price. I ordered one for myself, and the other as a gift for my mother. A parting gift before I moved again.

I figured if we wanted we could swap stuff we thought the other might like and vice versa. Which we did lol.

Here are my two boxes.

I’ll start with my box and what was inside. It is a mixture of product and nail color, so it’s a great way to try other products they sell since I’ve only tried their nail color and nail remover individual wipes samples.

Looks pretty full!

First I received another one-step polish remover pad.

This came in handy during the drive over to Nebraska once my polish started chipping. I used this in the hotel and luckily I had a spare because one was not enough for both hands!

Next was this cute Julep.com emery file.

I keep this with my Julep polishes.

Some delicious Easter egg chocolates, yes please!


Lovely hair ties in bright and fun spring colors.


This product is full size, and is a SPF 30 daylight defense for hands and face.


Now for the best part, inside this cute drawstring linen type bag…

The nail colors that that were in my box…


On to the next box!

Her full sized product were these quick dry polish drops.

She also got some Easter egg chocolates, a one-step polish remover pad, and fun hair ties in the same colors. So we don’t have to share muahaha lol JK!

Finally, these are her lovely nail colors!


These were great boxes, the only products her and I swapped were the lotion and drying drops.

We really loved our surprise boxes from Julep! Totally worth it. 😃


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