Glossybox March 2013

Time for my Glossybox gift subscription that ends in April.
This time I got a catalog, but I don’t like the inconsistency. It’d be nice for an option to opt in or out of the magazine with your subscription.

To save some trees!

The insert is very spring inspired, I love it!

With the product list and photos…


Unveiling time…❤

Soap! Yay!

First I grabbed the soap, in case that wasn’t obvious by me screaming soap! Lol

It comes with a $40 gift certificate that’s good until August, my birthday month, woohoo! Good towards any natural, handmade bath & body products from Prestiche. This is a lemongrass soap with olive oil. Sounds great for my spa bathroom!

Ellite Paris intensity waterproof eyeliner in black, this works amazing!

This eyeliner truly does not budge though, I am a fan lol

KGD (Koh Gen Do) oriental plants emollient cream for the face is another amazing product. It moisturizers my skin to just the right amount and I normally have dry skin.

Normally moisturizers ether don’t moisturize my skin enough, or leave my skin feeling clogged! Not the case with this one.

Last but not least, Professional Sebastian shaper fierce finishing hairspray.

I don’t use hairspray, pretty much ever, so I gave this to my mother.

All in all, this was a great box and I loved everything! I hope you did too and would love to hear what you got in yours if you are a Glossybox subscriber!


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