Hammock Pack March 2013

I believe this is my last of my 3 month gift subscription boxes from Hammock Pack. I always enjoy the treats, spa products, and fun themes they have. I am probably not going to continue the subscription since it is a bit pricey at $25/mo. I do love the sweets and snacks but I also get chocolates and stuff from a few other boxes. I will surely miss my Hammock Packs!

So lets unwrap this box and see what’s inside. πŸ˜ƒ

Lifting the lid…

How pretty! Rose petals πŸ˜ƒ I plan on putting this in the spa bathroom upstairs in our new place! I placed it inside my fathers NASA souvenir cup he bought me from work.

Placed my tealight candle from my My Cotton Bunny box, and inside a Bath & Body Works candle holder!

I peeked at the insert and goodies list again…πŸ˜ƒ


Some more crinkle paper for future gifts.


Starting with this healthy snack, Dang toasted coconut chips. I can’t wait to try these!

Looks yummy, and eating healthier snacks always makes me feel better. πŸ˜ƒ

This adorable Teatulia USDA organic green tea comes with 6 bags.

It says it’s medium-bodied with earthy and grassy notes, a light finish with a refreshing cooling quality. Sounds delicious!

I can never have too many lip polishes and scrubs! So I appreciate getting this lip polish from Aqua Blossom. In buttercream flavor, yum!

It even comes with a cute wooden spatula to keep it sanitary!

As for this Facial Steam botanical blend, according to the website is an organic sinus bunged up blend.

This is the description from their website! “These amazingly effective decongestant T-bags are made from a selective choice of health giving herbs and flowers each has it’s own individual balance and benefit. Eucalyptus combines with fragrant rosemary, garden sage, lavender and a unique array of soothing Amber’s Organics “elusive”essential oils which are cooling and soothing to the dreadful sinus pain congestion, benefiting you the ever so natural way!” Sounds like an excellent facial steam to try on a bad allergy or sick day.

AuraCacia pure aromatherapy soothing organic Milk & Oat bath with relaxing lavender essential oil, and is USDA organic!

I’ve got this set up for a spa day once I’ve unpacked and find the time. πŸ˜ƒ

You probably recognize a few items, they’re all from other previous boxes! I love that it’s paraben free also, did you know parabens have been found in breast cancer? I recently read that and it scared me and just encourages me even more to go organic!

Yummy! Chocolate, I am starting to love my organic dark chocolates. lol This one is from Good Cacao and looks incredibly delicious.

It’s a superfood chocolate with coconut omega-3! No need to feel guilty here!

It’ll be nice to try some vegan soap from Perennial Soaps! I’ve been wanting to build my natural and organic soaps collection. These boxes are helping a great deal.

It’s got coconut oil in it, my favorite. lol

I enjoyed this box and it sure makes it difficult deciding if I want to stick with them or not. What do you guys think based off my past few boxes? I need some help! lol


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