Stitchfix 3rd times a charm

I received Stitchfix #3!! Hurray! Lets see if they really do customize pieces for you better with each fix!


Here’s a glance at my box and items.

I apologize in advance that I was too sick to try everything on and take pictures. I did love everything and lazily held the pieces against me and tried some on but was not in a picture taking mood lol as I wear them I will post pictures though! ❤ Thank you for being understanding!

First up is this lovely spun scarf by subtle luxury. A bohemian ikat scarf! Makes me feel like I’m on vacay!

It’s one of those huge rectangle pieces of fabric so you can really wear the scarf many different ways. It’s also light and airy so that it’s an all year round scarf! $58. Keeping!!

From 41Hawthorn, orinda stretch banded leggings.

This may seem weird but I never knew the difference in quality leggings and ones you’ll find at Forever 21. These fit SO comfortable everywhere, from the waist to legs. The stretch has a lot of leeway, and the result is pure comfort and a perfect fit!

$48. Keeping also.

I love coral…❤

I put in my notes I love anything leggings, or tunics to wear with leggings! So glad they listened! 😃 this is such a cute top that can be worn with leggings or jeans depending on the look you’re going for. The material is light and airy, perfect for all the warm weather that’s been hitting us! From Chris and Carol, tabitha striped lurex drop sleeve top. $48. Keeper.

Loving this navy blue top!!

It’s fitted at the waist so it bunches up at the tummy for days you just don’t feel like showing too much! 😉 From Natural Life, Queensland dolman jersey top. I love that it doesn’t have “wing” style sleeves, I can’t stand those types of sleeves. It just looks wrong and unnatural to me! $48, also a keeper since it’s great with leggings or jeans!

I am pretty sure I’ve stated how I’m a sucker for mint green and have been obsessed since childhood. Soo….

The comfort and stretchy was of this top is superb.

From Downeast, Stevie contoured top. $38.

When you purchase all items you get a $25 discount, and with any purchase you get your $20 styling fee credited towards your purchase. So I saved $55! Basically one item was free 😃 not bad. I truly am pleased with all the items in my box and feel much more comfortable with scheduling another fix in the near future once I save up some more!

My invoice, pictured above. 😃

Stay beautiful starting from the inside, because no amount of make up can make a gal pretty if she’s got a cruella de vil heart and personality! The truth will always come out, and if you pay attention, people who have something to hide, always tell on themselves without realizing it ❤ xoxo


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