True Beauty Box March 2013

This box is quickly becoming one of my favorite boxes! I love the idea of an all natural, full size beauty products that I feel comfortable using on my skin. The True Beauty box always includes products that feels good, and are good for you. No chemicals or harmful ingredients which means no chemicals for your bloodstream, and amounts to a clearer face and a natural glow!

It always has a cute peachy pink bow that I can reuse for a gift later on or tie it around the neck of a bottle of wine when going over a friends house. My husband and I always like to bring a bottle of wine when having dinner at a friend’s house to be polite.

I am signed up for the “flirt” box which was recommended to me if I want only make up in my box. The indulge box comes with a combination of make up, skin care and body products. Eventually I do plan to switch over to this plan once I’ve built my all natural beauty stash up enough! Wish I got that natural gradual self tanner lotion!

I like how they list products that came in each box style.

I’ve never heard of Lillie magazine but it apparently loved some of the products in the box!

Nail polish!!

Starting with the samples πŸ˜ƒ and cute ones at that!!

True natural baby and family spf30 sunscreen, and true natural’s certified natural self tanner!! Yay!!! I got a sample to try, so glad so that I can find out if I like it and buy it after I’m out of my brand I use. I normally use Supergoop’s gradual self tanner since it’s the only lotion I’d found that’s not tinted and transfers onto clothing. It’s actually white like regular lotion, no transferring or color streaking. However, since this one is all natural, it’s definitely worth trying!

Now here’s a sneak peek at all the full size all natural beauty products in this months box! ❀

Gah! Trying to contain myself.

Stoked I got all the 3 items in the Lillie magazine featured on the insert card! 😍 Starting with true natural’s sweet grapefruit organic bar soap. Lately I’ve been only using natural soap bars for washing my hands since they last so much longer than Bath & Body’s anti-bac soaps.

Besides look up their ingredients, it’s actually not safe for your skin! I don’t want all those ingredients in my blood stream now that I’m a little more aware about stuff like that. I’m OCD on checking the ingredients of everything before buying. If the list has chemicals and all kinds of weird names I don’t know or can’t read, I don’t buy it. This one is all natural, cruelty and gluten free.

Lavera trend sensitiv eye make up remover.

Excited to try this. I normally use make up remover wipes from Josie Maran but since these are all natural they are part of my beauty stash now!

Lavera lip balm with organic jojoba and organic Shea butter. Cute tube packa

You know me, I always am happy to receive natural and organic lip balms!!!

Benecos natural eyebrow designer pencil, I’ve never tried an all natural one…I actually just started using an eyebrow pencil and only use it sometimes. So at least I do use this type of product and will try this one once done with mine!

The shade is brown, perfect! This was also an item loved by Lillie magazine.

Last but not least, also loved by Lillie magazine, this absolutely gorgeous mint green all natural nail polish. I can’t emphasize how much I love mint green, I’ve been in love with the color since childhood. lol

Benecos nail polish. Will post pictures when I do a mani with this!

As was expected, I loved everything in my true beauty box, love it even more for being all natural and partially organic. So happy! ❀ Let me know if you plan on giving them a try! Make sure to mention who sent you!


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