Easter & Spring nail tutorial

Thought I’d do a simple Easter and spring nail tutorial! It was also a reason to use my new all natural Benecos mint green nail polish!
This is what the finished nails looks like..

It didn’t dry my nails out, but doesn’t last too long. About a 3-4 days to be exact but I love the color, and it was easy to apply. One coat was enough but you could do two coats for a more pigmented shade.

I painted every other nail with the Benecos mint polish. Then for the others I used Julep’s Audrey (classic with a twist). Topping each nail with my Mary Kay top coat. I need to buy some more natural top and base coats, I’m running low lol so I resorted to a chemical based one…I know, I know :/ lol

Next for the little heart accents I used my dotting tool and created two hearts on the ring fingers with Dermelect‘s provocative. Starting with one top of the heart and dragging it down to a point, and repeating for the other half. Your nails will look like fun Easter candy and can be worn during the spring too since pastels are big right now. Hope you enjoyed!


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