Bulu box March 2013

Time for my gift subscription from bulubox. I emailed to find out when my 3 months is up, it ends in April and since it was a gift subscription I don’t have to worry about canceling which is a huge relief. 😃

The usual orange box.

A really fit woman on the cover. I admire her abs but don’t want abs that muscular! I’d rather have a toned flat tummy. 😃

It’s a pretty big pamphlet once opened fully, but first here’s the product peej

Some workout moves with Natalie Jill, the girl on the cover. Not sure who she is but will try the new moves out eventually.


I’ve tried dream water before so I’m glad to get a spare! Here’s a glance at the box.


I use all natural sleep aids when I can, so I’ll give this a try when I have a restless night. It is AtEase PM all natural sleep aid by Redd remedies


Like I mentioned before I use dream water occasionally so nice seeing it in my box!

In pineapple pm flavor. Yum!

I tend to steer clear of energy drinks, pills, powders…all of it. I’m too easily affected by caffeine and energy drinks that I just avoid them as much as possible. lol So I’ll probably gift this to someone or toss it.

This one is quickfire from prolab.

Qspeed fast melt coq10…not a fan of taking new pills I know nothing about.

It’s a tablet that melts in your month and dissolves quickly, it’s also 100% natural and caffeine free so I’ll save this. I’ve been noticing coq10 getting big so I’ll have to look into it.

Aero energy shot….need I say more? :/ meh

I’m sure I’ll find someone who’ll use this.

A $50 gift card to itrain for downloadable workouts!! Now were talking! 😃

This was my favorite item (of course!) since I love working out and will use it after the move. I’m really excited to see what kind of downloadable workouts are available.

Overall the box was much better than other bulu boxes I’ve received so I can’t complain! Stay fit and try to to incorporate healthy choices into your lifestyle! The little changes are sometimes where it all starts. ❤


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