Craftistas kit March 2013

Hurray! Time for another guaranteed fun, Craftistas kit!! Crafts are such a great way to relax and wind down, as well as finding some time for yourself! Light a candle, play some music, bring out the wine and get crafty in cozy lounging clothes! ❤

Time to unwrap and see what this months craft kit has in store!

Going with the spring and Easter theme, it’s “Happy Spring” mason jar centerpiece. I’m going to place this somewhere in my new temporary place in Nebraska to help me feel a little more at home. Since I’ll be missing my parents a lot I will need all the help I can get lol

Such a wonderful idea for spring!


I like that it doesn’t look too messy 😃

So what’s inside the bag, you ask? Well first of all, the bag is kind of like a bonus.

There normally is just the box and items for the craft, I like this linen style drawstring bag. It can be a cute wine bottle gift bag if decorated and personalized! Me and my wines…I’m a sucker for a good cab (Cabernet Sauvignon).

First was this fake grass made of shredded green paper. I’m going to use some of the brown shredded paper as the “dirt” layer under the grass even though its just the boxes filler! 😃


They also included four paper mâché eggs. I am so grateful that they took care of the paper mâché for me! One less step and less mess!

They even punctured a hole into the bottom to make it easier!

I sure do appreciate the little extra details! Thanks!!

Gold paint & mod podge…

…gold glitter and I believe an extra mod podge? Also mod podge is their glue, not sure what type or if home made?

Now the glitter I plan to avoid for the sake of saving myself from a glittery mess, and perhaps save it for some other purpose down the road.

For the paint and mod podge, there’s a disposable paint brush. Like the children’s paint brushes, hoping it won’t make detailing difficult since the brush is cheap. I plan on using a sharpie or nail polish for accents and detailing. Should be easier for me, I hope! 🙂

Also a green sheer wide ribbon to tie around the neck of the mason jar, or whatever it inspires you to use it for. 😃

The centerpiece that will hold it all together…a cute little mason jar with measuring slots!

I’ll be sure to post photos of the finished project as soon as I’m well enough to start it!

Till then, stay crafty, creative, and loving life!


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