Ipsy glambag March 2013

This months theme from my Ipsy glambag is “the great escape”! I’m so happy it’s beach themed, since I miss Monterey’s beautiful views.

I was excited as always to get my bright pink metallic mailer!

Cute metallic pink goodness 😃

This months bag and theme card.

Love the bag!

I’m so happy ipsy listened to our requests for a cute patterned or printed cosmetic bag rather than the usual plain colored bags!

So pleased with this months theme 😃


Taking everything out of the mailer, here’s a glance at ’em!


I was really excited about everything lol starting with the GlamRx custom made compact for ipsy! It’s got a magnetic layer to hold eye shadow pots, blush, etc.

The colors I received are from Yaby, so vein and sand dune. Love that Ipsy started our compacts off with two eye colors! These colors are perfect, they’re everyday shades that can be worn for day and/or night time looks!

They’re very pigmented, and go on smooth. Paired with urban decay’s primer potion it lasts all day!

I loved trying La Fresh’s antibacterial individually wrapped hand wipes so when I saw these travel make up remover wipes I was beyond happy!

So sorry the top photo came out blurry! These are great for sensitive skin like mine. Packing this for the road trip coming up soon!!

Juice Beauty's hydrating mist was a product I've been wanting to try for years but saw it as more of a pleasure than necessary product.

So it was a nice treat getting to finally try this. I like to spray it on my face after I’ve applied my make up so that it helps re-moisturize my face and gives my look a nice dewy complexion that’s hydrated, smells tummy and feels wonderful. I might have to get one later on now that I know I like it.

I’m already a huge fan of Juice Beauty as it is! My cousin got me into the brand, I love that its all organic and fruit based ingredients. Everything we apply onto our skin gets absorbed into our bodies and blood stream, so why put unnecessary chemicals, poisons and cancer causing ingredient knowingly into your body?? Hence the whole reason I’m trying to switch to better products and ingredients in my life.

I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear if you got an ipsy bag and what colors you got! Producthoochie I’d love to hear what you got girl! 😃 stay glossiful ladies!!


2 thoughts on “Ipsy glambag March 2013

    • So glad to hear you finally got on board the Ipsy wagon! 🙂 I so far, really have loved all my bags and was so excited they listened to our requests for a patterned bag, I’d love to hear from you on how you like your 1st bag and your other bags! ❤

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