Little Black Bag #3!

Time for haul #3 from Little Black Bag!! πŸ˜ƒ (bouncing up and down) oh joy! The little things that make me smile lol

I had received an email for this beauty bonus that will be included in every bag…

Plus I had a code for a free item valued at up to $25 and the stylists would pick the free item for me. I picked the Due ties bundle of 3 solid headbands, and these other items were added in my cart! Photo from Little Black Bag.


What I paid…

I saved $91!!

The earrings, I didn’t really like and have way too many earrings that I don’t wear as it is. I’ve still got a few new ones I need to put to use! So, naturally, I traded!! The fun part about LBB. You get offers from others who want items you got in your bag, and either accept or decline!

Same thing with the necklace, I have plenty of real metal necklaces as well as fashion ones that I didn’t need this either. It sure is beautiful but it would just sit in my jewelry organizer and what’s the point in that?

I have a hard time finding headbands that aren’t too tight, or cause me migraines after an hour of wear which is why I chose the stretchy headbands. I’m glad I did because they’re very stretchy and comfortable on.

The goose creek candle I had been wanting to try, but since I’m moving I don’t want to accumulate more stuff that might not fit in the car. So I traded these un-needed products for some fun nail strips! I’ve already written a post with photos of one of them before and after application. It was incredibly easy, I’ve had trouble with those drug store nail stickers staying on my nails and not lifting!

So after trading, this was what I was offered and accepted!! I was so happy to have gotten a offer of three nail strip sets for one product!

The gingerbread toffee bar sounded too delicious to pass up. πŸ˜ƒ crazy value for the free fusion beauty bonus product! ❀

My lovely headbands arrived in perfect condition.

Metallic plum, charcoal, and gold! A nice variety of colors.

In total love with these nail designs!

They are the best nail polish appliquΓ©s I’ve tried! It says “top coat, color coat, base coat in every strip” it comes out like a beautiful professional manicure!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little black bag and would love to hear if you have gotten one or tried any of these brands? πŸ˜ƒ


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