Beauty Sage Beauty Sleep box

Along with BeautySage’s “oils you need box” I also got this $10 sample box for “beauty sleep”. 😃

The insert.

The products are listed on the site so you know what you’ll be getting.

The “proven” sticker again

A glimpse of everything…


Another product from Nieves, a balm to use everywhere! It’s very emollient, will be nice during the winter in Nebraska! It snows there 😃

It’s a decent sized deluxe sample container.

I fell in love with this aromatherapy fragrance spray from Lotus Wei the second sniff. First smell, I thought it was a bit strong. After giving it another try, I actually really enjoyed it.

I received the quiet mind mist with Geranium, Lemon, & Coriander! It’s a wonderful mix, that lasts, and helps relax and wind me down before bed. They also have a profile helpful quiz to select your fragrance on their website.

I’ve heard positive reviews about Carol’s Daughter products but have never tried them. On my next spa day, (as soon as I’m done with this stomach bug) I’ll give this Monoi repairing hair mask a try!

Probably before my husband heads over! Gotta look good when I see him after 6 months of being apart, right? 😉 thanks to the bug I caught, I’ve lost 20 lbs lol and apparently look better. Go figure!

Goldfaden MD wake up call overnight regenerative facial treatment, I gotta admit I forgot to try this lol next on my to do list!


There was also another Shea Terra Organics Argan and green coffee around eye beauty serum so my eyes are covered!


Not a bad sample box! I love hair masks and anything to keep my hair in great condition! Stay hydrated, it’s so easy to forget to drink plenty of water! ❤ Don’t be afraid to try oils too, since not all oils are created equally! 😉


2 thoughts on “Beauty Sage Beauty Sleep box

    • I’ve heard great things about the brand, I loved the Monoi oil hair treatment! I can’t stop touching my hair, and after the cold winter in this desert I needed it lol thanks for the bit of knowledge on this! 😃

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