Beauty Sage Oils you need box

I decided to give the “oils you need” box a try from BeautySage since I’ve been curious about trying some that are recommended or have good results.


With an insert, like box subscriptions, listing products inside and a note on the back.

Cute sticker. Nice statement lol


This was one of their $10 sample boxes. There are $15 options with a make up bag but I’ve got plenty and don’t need another one to collect dust!

So far my main oil is 100% pure organic Argan oil preferably from Josie Maran cosmetics since her line is organic, natural, chemicals, and animal cruelty free 😃

Naturally, I picked this box since it comes with products I’ll use. Starting with my favorite oil that I’m familiar with, Argan oil!

By Kahina. I poured this into my empty dropper Argan oil bottle I had 😃

I LOVE perfume, and realize that all the chemicals and un-natural ingredients all absorb into our blood stream! That’s pretty scary, you can get cancer or other issues from these ingredients. Which is why for a body moisturizer I only use 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil!! It’s great as a face moisturizer during warmer weather.

Once I swap make up, skin care and food to organic and natural (as much as I can without crazy spending!) I plan to swap perfumes (maybe) I have quite a few favorites that I’m not sure I could give up lol

This Joya roll on perfume works with the chemistry of your body to create a unique scent! It’s a cute purse size too. It has a nice light, florals sweet fragrance on me. I like! ❤

Definitely keeping this perfume in mind on my purchases of perfumes in the future 😃

I’ve also been getting a few emails about this mystery oil from Nuxe called Huile prodigieus. It’s a dry oil!

It contains 6 proven plant oils. I like it as a hand moisturizer. It feels weird for the face lol

Shea Terra Organics is another Argan oil maker and with a cute label. This one is their Argan and green coffee around beauty eye serum. It has a wand stick built into the lid for application, thank goodness!


Last in this cute vial is “C” perfect skin by Nieves.

I mixed this in with my Argan oil sample and filled the rest of the bottle with my JM Argan oil so I get both benefits and it works great! 5 drops is all I need and it works wonders.

Looks like with all the warm weather Bubba needs a hair cut soon.

It feels like summer already at 85 degrees!! Stay cool out there if its warm where you are. 😃


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