Jewelmint 4 piece mystery box!

I had a credit with Jewelmint for a piece so I used it to redeem a 4 piece mystery box!

Photo above from jewelmint.

Shipping was also free so it was a good deal!

Pieces are normally $29.99, same goes for the mystery box.

They all came in the pretty magnetic closure keepsake box.


With a little note


Wonder what’s in the bag…

It’s a cute cuff style bangle, with snap push closure.

The stone actually looks clear in person but looked a bit lavender in the photo.

For the other pieces…


These earrings really pop out to me wit all the fun candy-like colors!


This chunky style bracelet has a nice weighted feel to it, but unfortunately drowns my wrist and nearly falls off with my teeny wrists lol


That long knot double necklace you see is my favorite piece, and also why I saved it fo

It is very elegant and can be worn casual or dressed up for the evening. Love the knotting detail!

It’s two tone rose and yellow gold colored.

I’m thinking I’ll save the bracelets for a gift or giveaway. Time shall tell. In the mean time my focus is recovering completely from this stomach bug.

Much love from Bubba! Have a nice evening y’all 😃



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