My 2nd JewelMint Piece & Vintage Floral Mani!

Jewelmint‘s lovely liberty spike earrings were a pair I couldn’t pass up! They’re fun, edgy, and I love the spikes with mint green mix!

They’ll match my spiked handbag perfectly with my metallic mani I’m working on today! Will post that tutorial up later tonight or tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that!

I got my first piece, to start my membership, for $8.99. My beautiful earrings were shipped to me for a total of $9.73! πŸ˜ƒ Not bad right? For designer jewelry, I say its a steal!

Shipment was incredibly quick. It got here within a few days. Here’s my lovely jewelmint envelope…


The gorgeous keepsake box to store it in!


I like how they always put a brief description of the piece.


They are stunning!

Perfect for my next night out on the town or even just boutique shopping with the girls! ❀

Not bad for my 2nd piece. Have you ladies gotten anything from jewelmint? I’d love to hear about what colorful candy pieces you’ve gotten! Till then stay glossiful!!

Wearing my new pieces to a birthday dinner at Roy’s Hawaiian fusion!

I also recently caught a stomach flu from their prixe fixe meal πŸ˜” so I’m pretty ill in bed but will try to keep blog posts coming if I’m up to it. Thanks for viewing!! πŸ˜ƒ and don’t get sick lol

UPDATE–I thought I’d just upload photos and a short tutorial since I can’t sleep while I’m bed ridden with this horrible stomach flu πŸ˜”

This was my Mani i created for the weekend…


And my mothers that I did!


This tutorial is for mine but can be used to make a variety of designs and colors! For my mani I started off this a nice metallic called Sienna from Julep that I still hadn’t tried out yet from my collection!

With one coat it was already beautiful so I kept with one coat over a Mary Kay base and top coat in one. I only use this one as a base coat though.

Next using a fine dotting tool I created c shapes for the flowers and the heart technique I taught in a few previous tutorials! Create two dots and meet them at the bottom point of the heart!

Then you can add in another color if you like for a little more detail! I added in some pink to make it romantic πŸ˜ƒ

My finished look above πŸ˜ƒ and another option below.

Hope you enjoyed and don’t get sick like me! ❀


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