My 1st True Beauty Box! February 2013

My very first True Beauty Box has finally arrived! Shipment was pretty quick as soon as I received my tracking info email! The box is so pretty!

Love the peachy pink colors 😃

I signed up for the Flirt box because it’s mostly always make up and that’s what I want to start building a collection of and then branch to skin care or other sections of my lofe

The true beauty box costs $30, free shipping and includes at least 3 full size items but as you’ll see, sometimes includes more than that! They also include a bonus surprise in each box, as well as samples. The other box options include Veganista (a mix of vegan cosmetics and skin care), (pictured above) and Indulge (a mix of all natural cosmetics and body care products). All products are always 100% natural, great for sensitive skin like my own, and try to show people that natural beauty can be fun and have fun colors as well! I love that concept.

So here is a overview of everything, I did take a sneak peek at the reveal they posted on their website 😃


There was an outer sleeve around the box, I almost wish it was the box that was so prettily printed on and I’d keep it to organize something maybe but that’s okay. 😃

It’s still pretty, pictured above. Love the bow detail! 🎀

I went for the samples first, from Lavera. On their website they advertise that they make gluten and cruelty free products, which is comforting!

Love true natural foundation samples in 1 and 2. 1 was creamy and more beige toned, 2 was harder to separate, melted when I touched it, and has a pink undertone. I already have pink undertones so I took a small amount from each and mixed to customize mine and it actually turned out perfect even though there was a little pink in #2! It also feels nice and smooth on.

Picture below I have it on!

Also wearing Benefit’s benetint lip stain, and LOVE this new discovery! I put some Dr. Lipp nipple balm over my lips for a sheer shine and super moisture on my lips 😃 loving my lips thanks to these products!!

For the eyes, I applied a coat of the all natural face‘s mascara, and topped it with Josie Maran‘s black mascara with cute hearts on the lid! They really give great volume to lashes. For the shadow, I used the gold mineral loose shadow I got from my Glossybox, and the blush and eyeshadow from this True Beauty box! Same goes for the eyeliner, they pretty much gave me make up for a complete look if I need! I’m very happy with the results of everything so far. This is a simple natural look that gives a radiant glow 😃

Getting back on track to the box now, I next unwrapped the gorgeous polka dot tissue paper! It feels like it has quite

This lovely afternoon, I’m already wearing most of it lol

Lets start with the Benecos baked eyeshadow and blush! Gorgeous shades 😃

The shades were very easy to work with, as well as blend! I loved it 😃 Benecos products are also available at Love True Natural’s store at this link.

Another beauty product from Benecos is this black kajal eyeliner.

This stuff went on easily, not too creamy and not too dry. Just right! Love that it’s natural of course.

Benecos seems to be the theme in this polka dotted tissue paper bundle!

I hope this natural mascara doesn’t smudge like the all natural face one does. That wasn’t fun coming home and seeing a bit of smudged mascara under my eyes lol I have to use up my opened mascaras before I open this one though. This natural mascara is for super long lashes supposedly!

Green People Organic Lifestyle cleanser and make up remover sample packet was the surprise bonus item. I’m excited to try this since its organic and natural 😃 safe for my face!!


I truly was beyond happy with this box and cancelled other sample natural beauty box subscriptions so I can start getting full size ones instead. I’m much happier doing it this way! Later down the road I’ll probably switch up boxes to the Veganista or the Indulge box 😃 since you’re able to change box styles! That’s pretty fun sounding to me. I highly suggest you check out this website if you’re into natural beauty an skin care, treating your skin right, and love box subscriptions. Please be kind enough to mention who sent you over! ❤


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