Bulubox limited edition feel better box

Remember that limited edition Bulubox I mentioned in the last bulubox review? Well here it is! Valued at $38, but selling for $10 is the limited edition feel better sample box! Using my bulu box reward points I’ve earned from survey reviews on eat product I get, I only paid $2 something for shipping!!

Lets get to unwrapping πŸ˜ƒ I only wanted some of the stuff and planned on gifting others.

Nice that they included a insert in this box also!

Giving a list of everything.

Aaaaaand the box with all it’s healthy goodies…



Let’s get the nasty tasting Immuno gum out of the way that I’ve tried already lol I got one pack.

With all the flu’s and odd sickness bugs going around I considered it but I can’t stand the taste after chewing it for a minute!

Washington Homeopathic is the main reason I wanted to give this box a try. I had enough points for two boxes, so basically everything you see I got duplicates of. So I’ll really get to try these homeopathic medicines out!

It came with a box of each: migraine (yay!), insomnia (double yay!), and sinus (allergies…so yay!) hahaha I’m all about homeopathic remedies if I can over popping pills that doctors try to throw your way to band aid issues.

Herbal Papaya in tea and capsule samples.

In Hawaii all our family is really big on natural papaya pills, they aid with digestion, nausea and are incredible! They taste good too πŸ˜ƒ for some reason though, I’m not a fan of the actual fruit itself. It just starts tasting odd after the first chew. So, I’ll stick with this form! The tea is mint flavored, yumm-O!

Marzsprays Vitamin C Spray I’ve tried in a previous bulu box and the taste is very strong. I might just spray it and then swish some water after to help with the taste.

It’s worth it if it keeps me healthy and not sick! πŸ˜ƒ

Immuno-viva Defend + Energy for energy and immune support packets. It worries me that at the top next to energy it says extreme lol I think I’m going to stay away from this, since I’m not a fan of the ingredients but I know a lot of people who don’t care so I’m sure I’ll find these a home.


This box is truly going to help my health and immune system which is what I wanted and for under $3 you can’t beat it. πŸ˜ƒ


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