28 day hug February 2013

Yay!!! Time for my 28 day hug 😃 this time instead of an envelope it was mailed in a pillow box style mailer.

Wonder if this is a new change or temporary?

Either way, as long as what’s inside is the usual wonderful stuff that’s fine with me!

Cute purple tissue paper as soon as I opened the pillow bo


A cute message to make me smile, which it certainly did! 😃


A nice quote too!

A quick glance before I dig in!


This was a bonus gift from Scensible, personal disposable bags that are scented. Not sure if I’ll use these but hey you never know!


Mmmm…this chocolate mint truffle tea from The Mighty Leaf Tea was a nice treat and was incredibly soothing!

I love anything mint 😃


Newman’s Own Organics dark chocolate caramel cups…ooh la la talk about heavenly chocolates! I enjoyed these, no doubt about that lol

Definitely far from any average chocolate cup I’ve ever tried!

I’m saving this Aromatherapaes body scrub for Nebraska!

It has almonds, chamomile, and honey! Sounds very soothing and skin pampering. 😃

This package was much needed, and even more appreciated!! As always 😃 for only $5.98 it’s a HUGE steal! 🎀 E sure to tell them I sent you if you check their website out! ❤


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