My 2nd Little Black Bag

I’ve been wanting satchel and this metallic one was in my dreams for weeks so I finally bought it! There is this adorable, edgy twist on a metallic silver handbag from Pink Cosmo on the Little Black Bag‘s website that I have been eyeing for a few weeks and there were 7 left after my purchase and it’s sold out now.

I adore this handbag, especially the gold tone spikes. This studded flap over satchel has a magnetic closure in two spots hidden under the buckle, and can be held by the top handle or worn with the longer strap. It’s retail value is $88 and was under the $49.95 category items.

Now for the added free items that Little Black Bag chose to go with my purse!….

Originally this was what was in my little black bag πŸ˜ƒ

I was actually pretty impressed! This is only my second bag, the first I picked from the $29.95 section, but I actually thought this necklace was absolutely gorg and wanted it, but didn’t need it. I have always had an obsession with mint green so of course I started dreaming when I saw the lovely mint on this beauty. Imagine date night or a night out with this dazzling your neck! πŸ˜‰ It’s called all the rage, stone & crystal bow necklace with a retail value of $30.

The second item they chose for me was the 1928 Filigree open circle earrings, retail value $18. I wasn’t too fond of these, because when I zoomed in from my Ipad I didn’t like how it looked like tarnished silver. There were 34 offers for my purse, 65 for my necklace, and 34 for the earrings. I glanced at the other offers but none compared to the lovely purse and sweet mint necklace. Pure love for them! As for the earrings, I had fun browsing my offers and if any of them would grab my interest. I did swap them for these earrings below πŸ™‚

Rain, chain & horn drop earrings, retail value $28. I love the feathers, length, and unique design of them. This was really a dreamy little black bag! I still have a code for a free $29.95 item but I am saving that until I find something else I really like since I got lucky with the two items I’d been eyeing from the $29.95 stuff in this bag for free! πŸ˜ƒ So this was my ending bag, and what is being shipped to me. I can’t wait!

The total value for everything is $136 so I saved $86 with my $59.40 after shipping and tax. I can’t wait to get everything!

I’ll also do another post when it arrives in person since things can look slightly different on a computer than in person! I recently went online to check and this purse was sold out, I’m not sure if they’ll replenish inventory on it or not but time will tell! To snag your very own little black bag use my unique referral link and click here! thanks lovelies!!

Have any of you gotten your own little black bag filled with goodies yet?

UPDATE- here are photos of everything in person! I loved it all πŸ™‚


It’s a gorgeous subtle metallic silver with flecks of cornflower blue mixed in, when worn with blue it shows more. It’s really lovely πŸ˜ƒ

Here’s the detailing and a close up of the spikes!

Next up, the earrings!

They are very cute and will look cute with the purse for an edgy look πŸ˜‰

The necklace…just beautiful.


I can’t wait to wear all this. I’m so happy that the weather is finally warming up too! It feels like spring already!!! I also see my hubby next month after being apart half a year!! ❀ Super excited. πŸ˜ƒ what are you guys looking forward to? I’d love to hear what’s got you excited!


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