Hammock Pack February 2013

My first Hammock Pack my doorstep getaway 😃

The line says it all really 😃 “your doorstep getaway” what a nice surprise! I did a gift subscription to myself as a sampler for $25 + $5 shipping can be a bit pricey but it’s a nice treat, this box really made my day. So let’s unbox it!

More crinkle paper to save and make a gift basket for the next occasion that comes up!

ooh….I feel like a little kid trying to hold in my excitement before I start jumping up and down haha


The theme for this box is movie night!! I LOVE movie nights 😃

and the back…


I grabbed for the popcorn box first to see what it is exactly, it is Quinn popcorn in parmesan & rosemary. It sounds delicious!

I peeked inside the box and there are packets for flavoring as well as oil packets for the spices to bind to and flavor it. Mmmmm I love popcorn, so this is going to be fun to try.

I am feeling a movie night coming on soon! I truly appreciate the simplicity of the ingredients: parmesan cheese, dried rosemary, and canola oil! Perfection.

This delicious treat didn’t stand a chance against me and didn’t last longer than two days lol

The packaging is utterly adorable! This box of La-dee-dahs whimsical candy had 3 handmade swirls of sea salt caramel and nougat dipped in dark chocolate and just look like they’re made with lots of love!

These taste like pure bliss 🙂

I always enjoy burning candles for that serene feeling environment at home. Set of four Cinnamon vanilla scented soybean candles by Pure palette scents.

The sticker reads “Natural clean burning wax!”, that’s comforting 😃

Another pet peeve of mine is drinking certain drinks with a straw, or if they’re too cold so when I got these fun pink and white straws from Oh la la paper goods.

They’re durably made and feel almost like plastic they’re so sturdy feeling. Impressive.

Appropriately, movie night Komforte Chockolates. They paired the yummy 64% dark chocolate, with Halfpops, partially air-popped popcorn for a crunchy surprise while snacking that’s very delicious!


I really enjoyed this box and the snacks it came with. I still haven’t tried the straws but will enjoy them I’m sure. I am not sure if I can justify subscribing to this though, so we will see how next months box is. I gifted myself a box to avoid signing up lol Well, thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!!

With love,

To you, From Boo


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