Bulu Box February 2013

I received another Bulu Box from the deal they sent me last time.


Hurray! Time for unwrapping πŸ˜ƒ

The “make today ridiculously awesome” is a sticker! Hurray for positive messages and stickers combined!! haha

It also happens to be the theme for the box of course.

The booklet with product info inside.

and the monthly prize that some members will find a voucher for and a reminder to take survey reviews for each product for reward points that can be redeemed for free stuff from their store!


Here is a quick view of everything.


New-carb bloc maximum strength phase 2 formula capsules from medpodium nutra-apps. It says it helps regulate starch digestion, support weight management, and promote low-carb lifestyle. I am not really looking to do this so I don’t need this…and don’t like to just start popping random pills even though this is a supplements box. I like the homeopathic samples I receive best.


Eruption effervescent energy dietary supplement in magmaberry flavor. I’m not a fan of the “other ingredients” section so I won’t use this any tim


I will definitely put this C3 for stress to use! It’s all natural and lemon lime flavor, which is usually a good flavor for these powder mixes.


Next is this sample of BioCell Collagen connective tissue support for joints and skin I’ll have to look further into.


Gouch! is such a funny sounding name, but this is from Redd Remedies. It’s also vegetarian, gluten free. The packet says it promotes healthy uric acid levels, supports normal kidney function, and encourages a healthy inflammatory response.


This box was just so-so but I’m going to try the C3 for stress at least. It was cheap at least, plus I get reward points which is basically free money. I’ve already redeemed points for two limited edition wellness boxes that normally cost $10, and total value at $38, I think I still made out so I’m happy. Have a healthy day πŸ˜ƒ


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